Locah Lightening at Dev8d

This is just a quick post to say that I’ll be giving a “lightening talk” on the Locah project at 2.45pm this Wednesday 16th February at the Dev8d developer event in London. If you’ve got any questions or would like to know more about the project, then please come along to the session. I should be at Dev8d for the full two days, so grab me anytime if you can’t make the session.

I’ll also be participating in a panel session on Linked Data as well, but I’m not sure when this is scheduled for yet.

Abstract for the talk:

“The Locah project is making records from the Archives Hub service and Copac service available as Linked Data. The Archives Hub is an aggregation of archival metadata from repositories across the UK; Copac provides access to the merged library catalogues of libraries throughout the UK, including all national libraries. In each case the aim is to provide Linked Data according to the principles set out by Tim Berners-Lee, so that we make our data interconnected with other data and contribute to the growth of the Semantic Web. The talk will touch on data modelling, the selection of vocabularies and the design of URI patterns. It will look at the practical realities of how we are turning the Archives Hub EAD data and Copac MODS data into RDF XML, and then loading it into triple stores. The talk will conclude with a look at some of the main opportunities and barriers to the creation and use of Linked Data. There will be a panel session on linked data where delegates can ask further questions.”

I’ve also added my tune to the Dev8d playlist, the sublime ‘French Disko‘ by Stereolab.

Postscript 22nd February 2011:

I’ve now uploaded my slides from this talk to slideshare and embedded them below. The talk was primarily aimed at developers with the assumption that they knew a bit about RDF and Linked Data, so it doesn’t discuss these except in passing. I was mainly trying to give some specifics on the technicalities involved, and what platforms and tools we’re using, so people can follow the same path if they wanted. Please comment below with any questions.

It was another great #dev8d this year, and especially useful for me in terms of learning more about Linked Data related technologies. Top job to organiser Mahendra and the rest of the UKOLN team involved.

[slideshare id=7000641&doc=dev8d2011-110221081440-phpapp02]